The best way to ensure your success is to start the home loan process at the beginning, with a review of a written budget. It is irresponsible to make a buying decision without one. Unlike nearly all mortgage lenders, we do not care about what our clients “qualify" for, we care about when they can “afford” to repay.  Items like school tuition, hobbies and other material expenses do not factor into standard Bank Qualifications therefor you can qualify for a loan and payment much higher than you can afford to repay. Our clients do not make a decision based on a gut feeling rather, we work together to analyze real numbers to help determine “affordability" prior to discussing “qualifications”.



Face to face


We take our relationships to heart. Meeting face to face with our organized and equipped staff will relieve any doubts and assure your trust in the company to handle your loan. We’d like to take the time to talk about your goals.




phone or online application


Help us get a quick sense of where you are in your career, household and how you’re doing financially.



red flags


The streamlining of our process ensures any areas of concern are addressed prior to the underwriting process, providing a flawless closing of your new home loan.  Our team will identify concerns and provide a proper resolution, preventing unnecessary surprises while we achieve your goals.



Credit consultation & advice


Our team members have years of experience in personal financial stability. We will provide you with beneficial information to help strengthen your application or enlighten you with ways to build a foundation, preparing you to meet the criteria required for a mortgage loan.





Once we have concluded our assessment of your financial position, we will provide a customized pre-approval letter, tailored to the desired home, that will be seriously considered during the negotiation process.  We do this in a timely and accurate manner, giving our clients top consideration when that “just right” property appears.









We work relentlessly for our clients, so once you’ve decided to move forward with mosaic mortgage group, we will continue to go above and beyond what you’d get at your average mortgage company. Not only will we call your agent directly, but we will be communicating with all parties involved, safeguarding and influencing a systematic process. You will also receive a personalized formal loan approval letter tailored to your desired home.







While the process may take time, we want to make sure that you understand what personal decisions should and should not take place prior to closing.  Our team is always available to discuss anything that might arise in your world, which may create a delay or have an impact on the success of your closing.  We want to help keep the transaction moving forward by applying our strategy to any unforeseen circumstances.






Part of the process is making sure you fully understand the details of the transaction and any costs incurred along the way.  Our goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable with the costs involved and that there are no misunderstandings at the conclusion of the transaction.  Having a confident client is very important to us, and providing the knowledge is one key way to fulfill our commitment to you.






As we mentioned at the beginning of the process, we like to meet face to face with our clients, so you’ll sign in-person. That way we can answer any questions you may have and be very efficient with your closing. We also want to insure your confidence as you finalize the transaction by educating you about things that will come next as homeowners.













While we’d love to help, the painting and decorating is all up to you. However we will provide you a detailed moving checklist with items we feel important to think about amidst all the excitement.





While most companies work from beginning to close, our goal is to continue to support our clients on an ongoing basis.  Since our goal is to assure your success, we also like to continue to share our knowledge to keep your assets safe and secure as long as you have them, whether it’s developing a living trust, life insurance or any other concern you may have, we’re in it for the future.  We want you to continue to think of us as a strong personal ally and a family resource.





We hope by this time that you see value in our partnership long-term and are eager to share it with others. We love testimonials, reviews, and would love to hear from friends and family as other candidates ready to go through the process as you did. We also like holiday cards!




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